Cornwall Major A tournament!

19 Jun

Carson’s Major A All-Star team were in Cornwall this past weekend participating in the Cornwall Major A tournament.

Game 1: vs Brockville

The teams first weekend together, they played Brockville in a double header of exhibition games. Lost both. It wasn’t out full team, 2 cuts were made after that weekend.

The boys didn’t let the previous games go to their heads, they played a very strong game, though took their foot off the gas late in the game to let Brockville get within 2.

Carson pitched the first innings, facing 12 batters and striking out 4. And, earning the Player of the Game Award!

Final score: 9-7 win!

Game 2: versus Cornwall

Cornwall’s teams has just been formed so they struggled a bit in the tournament. The Twins started out strong and maintained it throughout the game.

Final score: 14-0 win!

Game 3: versus Malone

Malone were the only US team in the tournament. The Twins added to the score in every inning, only letting one run in.

Final score: 13-1 win!

The Twins were undefeated in their pool, so placed first.

Semi-final: versus Kingston

The Twins also played Kingston in exhibition games the same weekend as they played Brockville, with the same results (2 losses), so they knew Kingston would be a good team. The Twins were down 5-2 until the top of the fourth when the scored 5 (5 run max per inning). They kept adding to the score in the 5th and 6th and managed to keep the Colts to 3 in the bottom of the sixth to win the game 11-9!

Final score: 11-9 win!

Final: versus Orleans

Orleans historically has pretty good teams. The Twins stayed in it, keeping it close until the 6th but they just couldn’t generate enough runs.

Final score: 8-2 loss

All in all, it was a great tournament and showed us just what our boys can do! At least 3 of the teams we faced (Brockville, Kingston and Orleans) could make it to Provincials, so it’s good to know we match up pretty well.


Clover @ 11 weeks!

25 Mar

Clover @ 10 weeks!

25 Mar

Junior Champions!

25 Mar

Connor’s Shooting Stars team we’re in the play-offs this weekend.

They lost their first game on Saturday. The team they played wasn’t very strong, but due to undisciplined behaviour, including Connor’s, they got a lot of fouls. Connor didn’t play much of the second half because he ended up fouling out.

They won their second game but 28 points, which helped with their point differential and meant they ended up in first place in their division.

The semi-final was this morning. They boys had another very solid, and more disciplined game. They won by just under 30 points (though they did stall a bit during the 2nd quarter). With the win, they advanced to the final!

Scott watched the game, he said it was a good one. They won by 11 points to become the Junior Champions!

Introducing… Clover!

7 Mar

We picked up our new golden retriever puppy last Friday.

After much debate, we named her Juno on Saturday but then changed our minds to Clover on Sunday!

West Palm Beach Florida Tournament!

21 Jan

Carson’s Sting A team are in Florida this weekend playing in a tournament in West Palm Beach.

Game 1: vs Palm Beach Breakers

Slow start to the game with the Breakers scoring about a minute into the game. Their goalie kept them in it through the remainder of the first and into the second, when the Sting put on in the net. In the third, it was all Sting, scoring 3 unanswered goals, including an empty netter to win the game.

Final score: 4-1 Sting win

Game 2: vs South Florida Academy

The boys were a little tired because they went to the Florida Panthers vs Las Vegas Golden Knights the previous night, but they opened the scoring in this game against the South Florida Academy. The SF tied it up shortly after. Carson scored the second goal on a rebound from Cooper, then a teammate netted another goal to end the first period. Unfortunately, the Sting took their foot off the gas and allowed 2 goals in the second. Some chances in the third but the game ended in a tie.

Final score: 3-3 tie

Game 3: vs Tampa Bulls

Lots of calls against the Sting in this game made it a much different experience. The Bulls scored 2 in the first and another in the third before the Sting finally got on the board late in the third. Unfortunately, they ran out of time.

Final score: 3-1 Sting loss

Game 4: vs Florida Bulldogs


International Silver Stick Tournament!

19 Jan

Carter’s Golden Knights are competing in the International Silver Stick Tournament in Forest, Ontario.

Game 1: vs Penetang Flames (Northern Ontario)

The Knights came out pretty strong in the first period, scoring one in the first. There was no scoring in the second period. They Zamboni cleared the ice between the second and third period, which was a new experience for the boys.

The boys weren’t quite as aggressive in the third and let one in to tie the game. The third period ended in a tie, but every game has to have a winner, so they played a 10 minute sudden death OT period.

There was no scoring in the OT period, so the game went to shoot out. 3 shooters each side, sudden death after that if needed.

Sam and Hakan both scored for us, and Logan kept the Flames off the board, so the Knights won the first game, 2-1!

Final score: 2-1 Knights win!

Points: 3.5 (1 for winning 1st period, 0.5 for tying 3rd period, 2 for win)

Game 2: vs Wallaceburg Lakers (South Western Ontario)

A lot of penalties at the start of this game. The game was much faster than the first and a lot more chippy.

The Knights scored 2 in rapid succession in the first, but the Lakers came back with 2 of their own in the second. The Knights added a third goal in the third period on a lob shot by Joey G. The Lakers ran out of time to tie it up so the Knights won their second game!

Final score: 3-2 Knights win!

Points: 4 (1 for winning first, 1 for winning third, 2 for the win)

Opening Ceremony:

We were almost late for the Opening Ceremonies (the boys literally had to run onto the ice after all the other teams had already gone out) because the restaurant didn’t clear the tables in time for our reservation but at least the boys made it!

Game 3: vs Brandon Bulls (Tampa Bay, Florida)

The Knights didn’t have their best game but they still managed to eek out a 2-1 win in their final game of the round robin. This win puts them in first place overall going into the round robin which means the Knights play Listowel in the first semi-final game this afternoon.

Final score: 2-1 Knights win

Points: 4

Total overall points: 11.5

Semi-final: vs Listowel

Another game where the Knights didn’t come strong. They went down by 1, but managed to tie it up and then take the lead. Unfortunately, a penalty by Carter (tripping to prevent a breakaway) and then another one for sportsmanlike by a team mate, put the team down 2 players. The Listowel team netted the tying goal with about 4 minutes left in the game. Then with just 1:33 minutes remaining Listowel scored on a shot that was deflected off our defenseman’s stick. The Knights tried, but were unable to tie it up.

Final score: 3-2 Knights loss

All in all a pretty good run by the Knights and a fun weekend in Forest/Grand Bend!